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India Made Easy

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In the lead story of today’s New York Times travel section, Jonathan Allen outlines some trip itineraries for the new travel hotspot: India. (Actually, the article has a published date of March 25 — tomorrow — so kudos to the Times for printing tomorrow’s news today!) Allen’s message is that “a well-planned short visit to India doesn’t have to bypass major tourist sites.”

Further, he writes:


For the first-time visitor to India, the sheer vastness of the country – more than a million square miles – all but defeats the romantic notion of seeing all that this place has to offer in anything approaching the usual time frame of a normal vacation … But what about the rest of us who are limited to one or two weeks of vacation a year? Is India completely beyond our grasp? In a word, no. Even sampling the tiniest geographical crumb of India over a period of 7 to 10 days can be a satisfying travel experience.

Alongside the article is a “sights and sounds of Delhi” slideshow that has some nice photos by Tomas Munita and also does a good job of weaving in the ever-present background music of Old Delhi. The photos are disproportionately of the city’s Islamic side but still pretty typical.

Of course, in terms of setting India to moving pictures, I’m partial to my new screensaver.