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Himalayas through prayer flags

Show and Tell

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I’m starting to understand how Dickens must have felt when the pressure was on to write serialized works.  It’s hard to keep up sometimes — granted ol’ Chuck wasn’t traveling through India at the time.  However, it is fairly easy to take out the camera and fire away.  Then again, for all the photos I’m taking it’s tricky to get them downsized and then uploaded with computers and connections that are iffy at times.

So I’m going to link to some new, hard-won pictures in this entry but I’m also going to cheat a bit and provide reading material courtesy of some other folks I’ve met while, ahem, passing through India.

The latest set of photos comes from the way (waaaay) north of India; you can see that I fell in love with the prayer flags.  It may not be God’s country but the scenery in the Himalayas is p’urty darn nice — goes to show you that India strikes again and makes taking photos very easy.  And if you buy the nonsense that each is worth a thousand words, I’ve more than fulfilled my writing quota for the week.

As for some of the other folks, their sites are:

The authors of Fivetospare and Mickey were part of my tour group in the Himalayas.  Nice people but posting the same photos I have makes it look too easy to take good pix here.  Actually, I’d say many are better than mine.  Really some good shots.  The two together are a good tag team, writing and shooting and thankfully they’re not taking themselves too seriously — Karen’s take on the trip is that she’s keeping a travelblog “about where we’re going, what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, & how long I’ve gone without diarrhea.”  They’re on a two-year tour.  Who’s jealous?

  • – for those looking for a fix of Dutch traveling wisdom; a good site translated in English with fun scorecards for each city.  And they could win for easiest blog address.
  • nomaditude.blogs.comen francais but some good pictures courtesy of a couple I met in Kochi ad re-met in Madurai par coincidence.