Too close
getting a shave and haircut -- and massage

Too close

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I know I need a haircut.  But it hasn’t been that long.  The last place I got my haircut was in Varanasi … which was the site of bomb blasts that killed 17 people on March 7.  Today the city witnessed a small blast that injured one person.  I didn’t feel unsafe in Varanasi (or in the whole of India for that matter), but to be so close to such an event is a bit disquieting.  It takes some of the shine off my generally upbeat assessment of India.  My haircut was fine — just about the right length — but explosions at a train station that one recently passed though is a bit too close for comfort.

I actually walked into the police station near the temple that was hit.  What can I say it — looked like an interesting building.  I was quickly shown out; the cops seemed a bit jumpy about having an outsider inside.  And here I thought they were just paranoid.