Service with a smile in India
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Service with a smile in India

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Language here in India often sounds different even when it’s your own.  I keep running into really great self-promotional statements and I figured I’d share one with you that I’ve been saving for weeks.  I’m presenting it exactly as I found it:

Welcome to a delightful spread of the daintiest, delicacies, the most winning hospitality and a wholesomeness that can only be experienced to be understood.

 Like a glorious morning there is serenity and blessedness in the ambience of Shiv Sagar that revives your spirits and appetite for life.

 Its bouteous spread of delicacies raises you to a new level of good taste and a great time.

 Our master chef offers the choicest and most varied range of Veg. Indian, Chinese and South Indian, Mexican delicacies, which is known to season the palate and tingle the taste buds to the T.

 The service too is inspirational as it anticipates and addresses your needs even before you can spell them out.

 Yes like the morning run, the place is a miracle, that makes your day everyday.

How can you not like a place like that?  And it’s not all hot air; the food was quite good and as I was scribbling the mission statement down on a scrap piece of paper, my waiter arrived and asked if I’d like him to photocopy it for me – inspirational service indeed.